Webrtc For Delphi Component v.4.60

By Flash AV Software Corp.

Shareware New 05 Feb 2024

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Webrtc For Delphi Component is a Webrtc client component for Windows, Android , OSX and IOS can be used to develop VOIP or audio/video chat mobile applications:
  • New:support delphi 12
  • New:support desktop capture on mac osx
  • New:upgrade android runtime to rev41315(M121), windows runtime to rev35348, Mac OSX runtime to rev35138
  • Audio input device selection , video resolution selection.
  • desktop , window share for windows.
  • stream local video file on windows.
  • get webrtc statstics information on windows.
  • upgrade windows runtime to rev.32882.
  • Janus-gateway client component support up to 6 users video conference
  • New:Rewrite the signal server with indy and remove depenency on the sgcwebsockets component
  • New:use native webrtc view to display the video
  • Require Android 4.2 and above.
  • Support different codec (VP8 VP9, H264 , Opus, etc)
  • Support Bitrate, Video size constraints.
  • To run the test , make sure you have run the signal server and setup your windows firewall to enable data pass the port 6666.


    • Status: Trial (work while IDE is running)
    • Source: SW
    • Price: $399
    • Source price: $499
    • Size: 53 153 662kB


    • CBuilder 12 Athens
    • Delphi 12 Athens