BI Library 1.0 Beta

By Bjoern Ischo

Freeware 18 May 1998

In category

Components > Component Packs > Interface Middle


A collection of 18 components, including:
  • TBI_Button: An IE / Office 97 button, with accelerator char support, dropdown menus, grayed glyphs etc.
  • TBI_PlasmaButton: like TBI_Button, but filled with a plasma fractal.
  • TBI_GradientButton: like TBI_Button, but with a gradient inside. On 256 color systems, the gradient can either be painted dithered or be disabled.
  • TBI_ImageButton: like TBI_Button, but with 3 images for up state, mouseover state and down state. Images can be transparent.
  • TBI_TorryButton: a button like on Torry’s Delphi Pages :-)
  • TWebgauge: A gauge with a "waiting" state like in Navigator 4.0
  • TBI_loupe: A loupe component that shows a magnified view of everything beneath the mouse cursor.
  • TBI_Memo: A bitmap filled memo. Supports Office 97-like flat border.
  • TBI_Edit: like TBI_Memo, but replaces TEdit.
  • TCaptionButton: A button for the title bar! With glyph support, hints etc.
  • plus: TBI_Arrow, TBI_Bevel and more....


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
  • Exe demo: included
  • Size: 458 661kB


  • Delphi 2