ComponentAny 1.0

By Lex Dean

Commercial 28 Mar 2011

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This is a base Object for making a CAD, Editing or Painting project, a special game you wish to create or need a special menu for a project? But you do not have the ability to create and manage the object you need. This project makes that job much easier and faster to implement and you access the events and write your own code to deliver what you what at your standard, in standard Delphi code (better error checking). You are not limited to some one else’s limitations from their object that they supplied to you. And now you have the true power of a C project in Delphi. Never have to buy another VCL again with the object managing most of the complicated stuff for you.
  • Delphi offers many professional pre built dedicated visual objects. But it’s not everything for every programming need.
  • ComponentAny allows selection of many different standard windows frames:- default TGrid’s frame, thick frames, menu type frames, 2D and 3D, No frame….
  • ComponentAny offers full and quality control of both scroll bars. With scroll change events, and with program access to adjust them. And they automatically up date with every repaint if they have been adjusted. (Windows 32 bit only have 16 bit Size scroll bars and not integer size). But I have issued integers to keep Delphi compatibility even though they only handle small Integer sizes.
  • You have a paint event to paint what ever you like on to the canvas. And that means Invalidate and ReCreateWindow procedures to access the windows messaging system, to intern drive the paint event appropriately.
  • You have all windows messaging managed for you, that you only concern your self with standard Delphi code from the objects events and nothing else.
  • You have a FocusChanged event and a single Boolean Focus control to identify and control these changes easily and simply.
  • The project gives full access to user/ windows input to the object in Delphi and windows. This is doubled over in many respects from Delphi. This gives the control you need for any project you have with the same formulation of Delphi objects.
  • Built out of TCustomControl so everything is available to you as you need it. Effectively this project gives you the full visual component control that a C programmer has with the use of a tidy object to simplify your programming needs. And breaks the mold of dedicated visual objects alone.
  • A caret for a text editor is supplied that you can make your own editor to your needs on the canvas. And produce any other canvas drawing as you desire.
I can see programmers reusing ComponentAny again and again producing many different projects as they choose or see opportunities for it with many uses because of the shear flexibility available in ComponentAny. And this means you can be cutting edge with any project you have and achieve specialized results in time and on budget.

Created in Delphi 5 and expected to run on latter versions uses:- Windows, Messages, Classes, Forms, Controls, Graphics unit files to run ComponentAny.

ComponentAny comes out with TScrollBars that has a fixed canvas. Its has come some way to having a moving larger canvas but not finished, and a third object will connect the scrollbars to the canvas for you for connivance reasons.


  • Status: Demo only
  • Source: C
  • Price: $80
  • Size: 278 124kB


  • Delphi 3
  • Delphi 4
  • Delphi 5
  • Delphi 6
  • Delphi 7