RadioLink 98 3.511

By Orbit Design

Commercial 21 Jan 1999

In category

Applications in Delphi and BCB > Multimedia > TV and Broadcasting


RadioLink 98 software package for the design of point to point radio links in the frequency range of 30mHz to 66GHz. Path and system losses are calculated giving expected receiver signal. Antennae and feeders selected from extensive list. The path can be modelled and refined by adjustment of antenna height, feeder etc. The terrain profile can also be produced from Ordnance Survey DTM digital terrain map data enabling path obstructions to be assessed.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: C
  • Price: $1500
  • Size: 5 534 772kB

Operating systems:

  • Windows NT4
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98