Multigame Casino 1.00

By Dim Botsis

Commercial 16 Sep 2006

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Applications in Delphi and BCB > Games > Other


Multigame Casino is a set of 5 casino games, including:
  • 3 video slot games with bonus screens, jackpot support and freegames
  • a classical 3 reel - 1 line casino game
  • a KENO game.
    Each of the 5 games is called from a central menu. The whole system also has administration area, including statistics management, settings etc. that is available only in the full version.
      New games are about to be added every 2-3 months.
        The whole system can be configured (after contract) and sold, to use any external hardware like coin/bill acceptors, counters, touchscreen etc. as well as any special features needed by the client such as remote management, special settings, special bonus screens, even new games etc.
          The whole system uses a custom database system in order to :
          • Save data and images in encrypted files
          • Achive fast read/write operations in order to minimize the possibility of data loss during a power failure.
          DirectX 8.1 is used.


          • Status: Demo only
          • Source: C
          • Price: $190
          • Size: 2 846 976kB

          Operating systems:

          • Windows ME
          • Windows 2000
          • Windows 2003
          • Windows 95
          • Windows 98
          • Windows XP