Would be King 1.1

By Fabio Ferri

Freeware 02 Sep 2004

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Would be King is a porting from Santa Paravia & Fiumaccio, the game written in BASIC for Trs-80 in 1978 of George Blank.

This is a Italian version, the English verion is also available.

In this version they have been implemented the inns that have the function to increase the number of servants in every turn and the fortifications in order to avoid attacks. As resource has been added the gold.

For regulating the attacks it has been implemented the rule that uses the relationship soldiers/terrain. They have been added the officials for to command the soldiers.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
  • Size: 337 821kB

Operating systems:

  • Windows ME
  • Windows NT4
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows XP