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dotConnect for SQLite v.5.12.1402

By Devart.

Shareware 07 Jun 2019


dotConnect for SQLite is an enhanced data provider built over ADO.NET architecture and a development framework with a number of innovative technologies. With state of the art ORM solutions such as Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL, it introduces new approaches for designing applications and boosts productivity of database application development.

Key Features:

  • Database Application Development Extensions

    dotConnect for SQLite has a rich set of design time tools that leverage the development process greatly. Particularly, there are convenient design-time component editors, wizards and managers, toolset for live data binding, DDEX, and much more.

  • SQLite Advanced Features Support

    dotConnect for SQLite allows developers to harness full capabilities of the SQLite server. dotConnect for SQLite supports such SQLite-specific features as user-defined functions, CEROD and SEE extensions, and others.

  • Optimized Code

    dotConnect for SQLite assemblies are implemented using optimized code and advanced data access algorithms.

  • ORM Support

    dotConnect for SQLite offers enhanced ORM support with a bundled visual designer for ORM models - Entity Developer.

dotConnect for SQLite supports Entity Framework v1, v4.x, v5 and v6, NHibernate, and LinqConnect (formerly LINQ to SQLite) - our own ORM solution, closely compatible to Microsoft LINQ to SQL, while extending its functionality with its own features.

dotConnect for SQLite supports SQLite engine version 3 and higher.

IDE compatibility:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 - 2019
  • Embarcadero Delphi Prism
  • CodeGear RAD Studio 2007


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: None
  • price: $149.95
  • Size: 66 737kB

Platforms: D2007, PXE, PXE2, PXE3, S2008, S2010, S2012, S2013, S2015

QzSqlite v.0.1

By Joseph Leung.

Freeware 28 Jan 2006


QzSqlite is a Delphi.net component that communicate with Sqlite3.dll. Compact framework supported.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: None
  • Size: 7kB

Platforms: D2005