The latest version - FastReport VCL 2022.2 - includes:

  • Support for Delphi 7-XE8, C++Builder 2005-XE8, Embarcadero Rad Studio 11 and Lazarus
  • Extended interactive functionality
  • Connection to 20+ databases
  • Export in 45 Data Formats
  • 40 types of bar codes
  • Support for 48 Languages
  • Cloud service integration

Castalia v.

By TwoDesk Software Company.

Shareware 14 Sep 2007


Castalia transforms the Borland Delphi programming environment into a highly productive coding platform. Living on the bleeding edge of development technology, Castalia helps programmers write better code faster, understand existing code more accurately, and improve the design and quality of existing code.

Castalia introduces many performance improvements and new features, including:

  • New Multilingual code templates support Delphi, C#, and C++
  • Hint windows to help you use Castalia more effectively
  • Automated intelligent line wrap
  • Content-trimming multipaste
  • Modeless text search toolbar
  • Bottom-up code templates
  • Modeless local refactorings
  • Additional refactorings
  • "Fix line breaks" feature
  • Bookmark swap on the bookmark stack
  • Improved project file searching
  • Faster parsing and a more responsive IDE
  • Improved language support
  • Favorites menu
  • Code navigation tools
  • Close open datasets while debugging
  • Code templates
  • Editor line numbers
  • Many more...


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: None
  • price: $99
  • Size: 3 206kB

Platforms: D8, D2005, D2006

ModelMaker Code Explorer for Visual Studio v.3.00

By ModelMaker Tools.

Shareware 30 Sep 2010


Class Explorer and Refactoring Browser.


  • Refactoring Browser with C# and Chrome Pascal support.
  • Integrated with Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010.
  • Improve the design of existing code with build-in refactorings.
  • Instant, two-way navigation.
  • Parses and edits any C# file, not only those in project - unlike the VS Classes view.
  • Point-and-click, drag-and-drop programming.
  • IntelliReplace propagates renames in code.
  • Create and edit classes, members and procedures.
  • Instantly copy, paste and on-the-fly convert classes, methods, properties etc. even between classes and modules.
  • Rearrange and Sort code, maintaining region definitions.
  • Improve Navigation with History, Method Favorites and Member Search Bar.
  • Live Documentation support: check the movie Live Documentation demo movie.
  • Live Metrics check the movie Live Metrics demo movie.
  • Source Indexer check the movie Source Indexer demo movie.
  • IDE Editor Refactorings bring refactorings right in the VS Editor.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: None
  • price: $135
  • Size: 2 658kB

Platforms: S2003, S2005, S2008, S2010

Spices.Obfuscator v.

By 9Rays.Net.

Shareware 05 Sep 2014


Spices.Net Obfuscator is a .Net code obfuscation, protection and optimization tool that offers the wide range of technologies to completely protect your .Net code and secure your data. Spices.Net Obfuscator rebuilds your .Net assemblies to the new format that is impossible to disassemble, decompile, impossible to understand.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: None
  • price: $399.90
  • Size: 8 204kB

Platforms: C#B1, D2005, D2006, D2007, P2009, P2010, PXE, PXE2, PXE3, S2002, S2003, S2005, S2008, S2010, S2012, S2013, VC++

WPF XAML Obfuscator v.4.60.80

By RustemSoft.

Shareware 04 Jul 2011


WPF XAML Obfuscator is an obfuscation tool for .NET code protection. Prohibits reverse engineering;Obfuscated application usually is not recompilable;Processes any .NET application, executable or assembly;Encrypts string constants;Compatible with any .NET framework (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0);Control flow obfuscation stops decompilers and deobfuscators;Scrambles class names, method names, field names etc.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: None
  • price: $98.89
  • Size: 2 355kB

Platforms: C#