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  • Web client development (WEB): Create modern web client applications with Object Pascal from Delphi or Visual Studio Code.
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  • Server backend development (BIZ): Solid libraries for business logic & data access, ORM/REST/HTTP/JSON framework, data modeling.
  • AITaskList v.3.1

    By Accelerated Ideas.

    Freeware 09 Sep 2007


    AITaskList contains a wealth of customizable features providing you with an Office like Task List ready to go. Individual Task Items can be fine tuned including adjusting selected colours, drag colors, titles, descriptions and much more.

    AITaskList handles Task Item movement and reordering automatically lifting the development workload from your shoulders. Handling external drag sources couldn't be easier, you can choose what kind of data to accept onto the Task List such as ListBox items, DataGridView cells or rows etc. Accessing Task Items is so simple and with several overloads to choose from developers can access Task Items by using position indexes or even Task Item object references.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: On purchase/registration
    • Size: 456kB

    Platforms: S2005

    IntegralUI TreeListView v.1.0

    By Lidor Systems.

    Shareware 07 Sep 2007


    Add the combined power of TreeView and ListView controls to your applications. IntegralUI TreeListView comes with built-in Live Editor and advanced Drag&Drop support, fast node and node list creation, XML encoding of Nodes, Columns and Subitems, rich styling features, highly customizable appearance and theme support (including Vista). Images, text, check boxes and flags can be included in every node, giving you more flexibility in creation of custom user interface.


    • Status: Trial (work while IDE is running)
    • Source: On purchase/registration
    • price: $149
    • Source price: $199
    • Size: 1 698kB

    Platforms: S2003, S2005