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  • IntegralUI Lists v.1.0

    By Lidor Systems.

    Shareware 06 Sep 2007


    The three controls are: IntegralUI TreeView for rich hierarchical treeviews; IntegralUI ListView for display, selection and sorting of data and item collections; IntegralUI TreeListView with the combined power of TreeView and ListView.

    Some of the included features:

    • Three advanced controls: ListView, TreeListView and TreeView
    • WYSIWYG designer
    • Highly customizable appearance
    • Built-in Drag & Drop support
    • XML encoding and serialization
    • Fast node and item list creation
    • Office 2007 fading effect
    • Partial or Full Transparency
    • Theme support for Vista, XP and Classic.
    Every column can have header and footer, and the header of each column can contain text and image. The column text can be formatted by using special XML tags, and the user has control over border shapes and visibility for the column header, body and footer.

    The user can apply color and format styles for each group, and groups can be expanded/collapsed. The group header can have three different appearances: BottomLine, CenterLine, and Gradient.

    Items can be arranged in four list view appearances: LargeIcon, List, SmallIcons, and Details.


    • Status: Fully functional
    • Source: On purchase/registration
    • price: $349
    • Source price: $479
    • Size: 2 703kB

    Platforms: S2003, S2005