Navisight 1.1.1

By Divelements Limited

Shareware 15 Oct 2007

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Navisight is a combination of controls designed to help navigation through various types of UI - tasks, tools and more. The controls can be combined together to mimic popular user interface trends. Using NavigationBar you will create toolboxes, categorized lists and view switchers. Using ExplorerBar you will create task choices and visually pleasing configuration and presentation bars. Whether you choose to host your own controls in ours or use the helpful ones provided, you can be sure the choice of renderers and smooth animation offered by the Navisight components will make your user interface that much more pleasant to use.

Configuring the controls in your own application is made easy by the comprehensive design time support offered by the library. Powerful designers ensure that integrating the Navisight controls in to your form takes a minimum of time and effort. Creating a navigation bar with several different categories and manipulating those categories is intuivite, and the ButtonBar control designer makes it easy to set up scrollable, versatile toolbars - whether used within the Navisight controls or on its own.

Combining the Navisight components allows you to mimic the "Outlook Bar" seen in Microsoft Outlook 2002 and earlier, or the toolbox in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, the component toolbox in Microsoft Visio 2003, and the Explorer bar seen in Windows XP and upwards. The packaged renderers make it a breeze to change the look and feel of your controls, and they adapt automatically to changes in the theme or visual style used. The renderers also provide a great base for custom drawing - it is easy to completely change the look and feel to your own liking on a modular level.

Full support is provided for 32bit PNG images with alpha channels, enabling you to assign high quality professional imagery to buttons and other elements for a great finish. Tooltips and keyboard mnemonics are also supported for additional accessibility.

All necessary properties are localizable for international customers, and right-to-left layout is fully supported for those locales that need it.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: SW
  • Price: $99
  • Size: 843297 - 886665kB


  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Visual Studio 2002
  • Visual Studio 2003