CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET 2.1.3

By Developer Express Inc

Commercial 11 Mar 2007

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.NET Tools > Code > Code Tools


CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET help developers and managers meet these increased demands for quality and functionality, by boosting productivity while eliminating the repetition that erodes precious creativity.

For Developers, CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET will help you create sophisticated code blocks in seconds and extend code templates instantly. CodeRush will complete identifiers as you type and expand or contract selections logically. With CodeRush, you will be able to instantly place selected code inside Try/Catch blocks, Regions and your own custom wrappers with ease. You can even reverse the logic of selected code and revisit important points within your code instantly (and effortlessly swap between locations).


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: C
  • Price: $249.990000
  • Size: 20 043 376kB


  • Visual Studio 2002
  • Visual Studio 2003
  • Visual Studio 2005