RadarCube Desktop for Windows Forms 3.03.0

By Radar-Soft, L.L.C.

Shareware 06 Jul 2015

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.NET DB-Aware > Other > OLAP


RadarCube is a powerful NET Windows Forms OLAP control entirely authored in C# 2.0. Having an excellent performance it allows to work with databases with millions records. RadarCube has a splendid user interface and powerful API designed to create true OLAP applications.

Key features:

  • One or several tables/views /stored procedures described in a DataSet object.
  • A set of standard aggregation functions like Sum, Count, Distinct Count, Min, Max so on. Custom aggregation functions.
  • Hierarchies of three types:
    • Parent-child hierarchies (both balanced and unbalanced);
    • Multilevel hierarchies (both regular and ragged);
    • Mixed from all previous types.
  • An ability to create calculated measures, dimensions, hierarchies and hierarchy levels.
  • Calculated members of hierarchies.
  • Auto conversion of the DateTime fields into multilevel hierarchies. Any conversion algorithms.
  • Unicode support.
  • Several types of drilling down: to the nearest successor, to the next level, to the next hierarchy.
  • Hierarchy members grouping (including multilevel and parent-child hierarchies).
  • Separate sorting of different hierarchy levels.
  • Ascending or descending sorting based on the column values in the grid.
  • Filtering of hierarchy members with or without applying these filters to the OLAP calculations.
  • Ability to place pictures into grid cells, and automatically position picture and text within the cell, depending on the parameters defined by a programmer.
  • A complete control over the cells contents, ability of custom drawing within the cells.
  • Ability to change the context menus in the grid.
  • Auto sizing of the cell depending on their contents.
  • The IListSource interface implementation. A feature which allows OLAP Grid to be used as the data source for other components working with data (for example, Chart or export components).
  • Allows exporting grid data to MS Excel.
  • An ability to edit OLAP data directly in the grid.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: SW
  • Price: $299
  • Source price: $449
  • Size: 44 036 468kB


  • Prism XE3
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Visual Studio 2015