PgExpress Driver 4.22

By Vita Voom Software

Commercial 03 Apr 2008

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Kylix > Database > Direct Access


The Vita Voom pgExpress PostgreSQL dbExpress Driver Version is a Borland Kylix/Delphi 6+ Driver that directly access PostgreSQL 7.1+ databases, and has several features not found on any other driver, such as PostgreSQL 7.4 support, automatic Fetch Cursors, native support for Int8, Multibyte, BLOB support, localized versions, automatic numeric support and more.. This driver has support for all the most commonly used PostgreSQL field types (notably: int2, in4, int8, serial, char, varchar, text, date, datetime, time, BLOB, float, real, numeric and others).


  • Status: Trial (work while IDE is running)
  • Source: C
  • Size: 1 109 521kB


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