Automated Build Studio 6.50

By SmartBear Software

Commercial 22 Sep 2013

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Automated Build Studio is a powerful build and release management system that provides an easy way to automate the software development build, test and release processes. Its intuitive interface and unprecedented flexibility allows even inexperienced users to create complex visual macros which can automate repetitive or day-to-day tasks with the single click of a button.

Macro runs can be scheduled for automatic execution with the built-in Task Scheduler. This makes Automated Build Studio the ultimate solution to create reliable automatic daily builds of your software. Automated Build Studio lets you automate each step of the build process: from retrieving files from a version control system, to building installation packages, running automated tests and deploying the latest release of your software projects.

With Automated Build Studio you can:

  • Automate your software builds.
  • Automate the process of application testing and profiling.
  • Create deployment packages and write them to CD and/or DVD.
  • Automate back-up processes.
  • Automate data and system consistency checks (for example, you can automate checking the free disk space or the availability of a Web service).
Trial activation key: 8F7AF662-D0F5608B-671F4EA9-82F455CA-3ABE2AC8-7A0B1348-2078


  • Status: Partially restricted
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  • Price: $349
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