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Shareware 11 Jan 2023

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Professional Bulk SMS Software delivers thousands of text messages, notifications, alerts, etc. via USB Modems as well as GSM or Android Technology-based mobile phones. Application allows the user to socialize with other people without any requirement for an internet connection. It helps the user to increase the traffic to the business by sending bulk SMS. Bulk SMS Software has an import and composing option to load contacts using Excel or Text-based files and add or paste contacts manually. Users can Skip all the duplicate number entries by clicking on the Skip Duplicate Numbers option. Users can Blacklist the contact numbers from the recipient list by clicking on the Exclusion List Wizard option. Software enables the user to save text messages as templates so that they can be sent to any other contacts directly without doing any modification. Features: 1. Users can create Personalized dynamic SMS to convey their message clearly and precisely to customers. 2. Software has two modes to broadcast text SMS, single-shot execution mode and one-by-one contact process mode. 3. Software allows the user to control and customize the SMS broadcasting load with the help of a delay delivery option. 4. Software supports text SMS that contains Unicode characters.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: SW
  • Price: $69
  • Size: 3 217 008kB


  • Delphi XE4