Luna Game Library 2017.2.Alpha

By 2drealms Entertainment

Freeware 08 Nov 2017

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Luna Game Libraryâ„¢ (LGL) is a 2D game library for PC's running Microsoft Windows(R) and uses Direct3D(R) for hardware accelerated rendering. It's robust, designed for easy use and suitable for making all types of 2D games and other graphic simulations. Features:
  • Procedural low-level access plus higher level thin OOP framework
  • Uses SDL2 2D hardware rendering
  • Uses 32bit surfaces and textures
  • Free scaling, rotation, alpha blending and other special effects
  • Windowed and fullscreen desktop modes
  • Frame based timing support
  • Memory mapped buffer support
  • Zip archive support (resourced loaded from archive or file system)
  • TrueType font support
  • Graphic primitives (lines, circles, rects, points)
  • Advanced polygon rendering (scale, rotate, control line segment visibility)
  • Advanced sprite management
  • PolyPoint collision system for fast precise collision detection
  • Mouse and keyboard input management
  • Unified audio system with support for WAV | MP3 | MID | OGG | MOD | IT | S3M | XM music formats
  • Comprehensive math routines (vectors, angles, line intersection, clipping)
  • Log file support
  • SQL database support (MySQL local & remote | SQLite local only)
  • High-level support for Entities
  • Networking (reliable UDP) with support for object persistence
  • Tweet (with media) directly to a twitter account
  • IAP support (in-app purchase using
  • Includes LunaArc, an archive utility for making compressed zip archives for use in your game


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FNC
  • Size: 60 173 633kB


  • Delphi 10.1 Berlin
  • Delphi 10.2 Tokyo