Bcc32Pch IDE Plugin 2.79

By Andreas Hausladen

Freeware 19 Apr 2008

In category

Developer Tools > Developer Tools > Compilers


A "little" plugin for C++Builder. It replaces the built-in compiler by the command line tools.


  • Advanced precompiled header support (*)
  • Shows how many files are already compiled
  • Batch compilation
  • Speed improvement (built-in compiler is not the fastest)
  • Full message pane support with extended error information support
  • Detailed message window shows the console output
  • Adds Shift+F9 as shortcut for "Build project"
  • Makes "Run Without Debugging" visible
  • Background compilation (Compiler and Linker run in it's own thread)
  • Force Run functionality (no dependency check and compilation)
  • Run Process functionality allows to debug external applications
  • Execute foreign makefiles (MAKE, NMAKE, GNUmake) with errors/warnings in the message panel and the possibility to debug the generated application
  • Allows to execute programs before and after the compilation
  • Qt4 qmake support: creating and debugging Qt4 applications within the IDE.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
  • Size: 822 056kB


  • C++ Builder 2006
  • C++ Builder 2007
  • C++ Builder 5
  • C++ Builder 6