TServerCountQuery 1.0

By Francesco Pucino

Shareware 14 Sep 2000

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DB-Aware Components > Other > Queries


It's a discendent of standard TQuery. It allows to fix the (very) slow method to count result records used in the standard query component: fetch each record from the server and store it on the client, increasing a counter... If you use local DBMS as Paradox or dBase you don't are afflicted by poor performances, but if you use DBMS server as MS SQL Server or Oracle, each time your code call the RecordCount method you assist to HD light flashing, network traffic increasing and a very long response time.

More results are in the query recordset, more problems you have... More time you use the RecordCount method on the same query, more time you have the problem...

TServeCountQuery solve the problem, asking directly to the DBMS the number of records retrieved: fast, easy and clear. You can use this component as a standard TQuery component, all the work is done in background and if some error occours, will be fired an OnCountError event and the standard RecordCount method will be called. You can access too to the LastCountSQL string propery to see the SQL statemant used to retrieve the record count in the current query.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: SW
  • Price: $39
  • Size: 6 484kB


  • Delphi 5