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Freeware 09 May 2011

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Getting a large JPEG loaded into a TImage component can sometimes be very slow. Think about decompressing a 5.5Mb file to 24Mb of data and getting that into the image and you can understand why. Try resizing a large multi_MB JPEG image to a thumbnail using standard resampling or resizing techniques and see just how long it takes.

In order to reduce that time, I’ve been delving into the use of the JPEG Scale option which, with a tweek or two, can considerably improve that time. There are a few items about it on the net but I believe it deserves more prominence.

The attached simple application is my offering on the subject. Have a look at the code to see how Scale is used.


  • Status: Fully functional
  • Source: FW
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  • Delphi 7