Embarcadero Academy - How to get more from RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ or Interbase

Today I just read actual a promo offer of Embarcadero Czech dealer and found very useful and interesting reference to getting one-month free access into Embarcadero Academy if case of buying Architect or Enterprise versions of certain development tools. Because I never heard about this learning system, I decided to explore all the options and features of this web portal.

What is it?

Embarcadero Academy was set up in 2017 and actually offers almost 40 courses focused on various topics. One can find here courses for beginners, intermediate and expert programmers, intended for RAD Studio, Delphi, C++, Interbase or Sencha. Embarcadero promises that new courses will be available gradually.

Regarding the authors of the courses, we can see famous names here - especially Marco Cantu, Jim McKeeth or Alister Christie are a guarantee of high quality level of provided learning videos.

Courses available at the Academy have three different format and length:

  • Micro courses, so called single-sitting courses, consist of one or two hours of comprehensive learning materials
  • Mini courses, usually designed as one-day courses, are a bit larger and explain the issues in deeper details
  • Complete courses, which usually takes eight or more hours and can last even a couple of weeks

Particular courses don't contain only video material but can be enriched with additional elements like:

  • Puzzles
  • Tests or quizzes
  • Practise assignments
  • Downloadable resources such as Source Code and Exercise Projects
  • eBooks etc.

Pricing of courses

Access to chosen course(s) is made through user account. As soon as you create the user account, you can order desired course and pay for it. Price for each course is considered as one-time fee, typically between 15 and 99 USD. The highest price (USD 199) is assigned to Complete courses, for instance LearnDelphi.TV Megapack consists of 33 lessons.

Special offers

From time to time, Embarcadero and its partners offer discounted or even free worthy courses for very limited time. I was delighted by the fact that Intro to Android Mobile Development with Delphi course is actually fully sponsored and can be obtained free of charge. This six-weeks course provides all the necessary techniques for creating Android apps in Delphi step-by-step. Main topics are especially focused on:

  • Creating first Android app
  • Dealing with Push notifications
  • Working with camera, images and sensors
  • Creating REST clients
  • Working with local databases

This exceptional and fully-featured course turned me on. Will you try it too and enroll for free now?

About the Author

Ing. Karel Janecek, MBA, MSc.