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Personalized Teaching

Hi Everyone,

My name is Al and I have been teaching English for more than 10 years. Through the last decade I have tested many methods of teaching, modern, classic, traditional and out of the box. I must say that every method has its pros and cons. Be that as it may, I believe what counts in today's fast growing global economy is to accomplish result as fast as possible and this is the jewel everyone is searching for. I have had numerous students from across the globe, from Brazil to the US, from Eastern Europe to Middle East and lastly to South East Asia. The first and fore most question on the mind of all my students is how long does it take to become fluent.

From many trials and errors and analysing the practical results of my courses, I have finally acquired a unique methodology which I call, "personalized English". In a nutshell it can be summarized in the following stages:

Stage one

Identifying the need of my students, first by listening to their background in English and their goals. Secondly by taking a comprehensive level test from them.

Stage two

Tailoring dynamic lesson plans focusing on the students'' needs. These worksheets are updated by getting feedback from students and analysing their progress trying to pinpoint their weak and strength points.

Stage three

Conducting intensive classes making English their life during the course. I call it immersion in English. In addition to the tasks given to the students, they will be listening and watching English podcasts on a regular basis.

Currently I am utilizing this methodology in my classes and you can see the results of it by browsing through the testimonies of my students in my weblog.

The courses I offer include:

  • General English
  • Conversational English
  • Business English
  • Professional courses
  • Exam preparation courses (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, ...)
  • Crash course for job interview preparation

The most popular courses are the combination of General or Business English courses with Conversational classes.

A free 30-min free Trial class is offered; in which you can get acquainted in more details with this methodology.

I invite you to visit my Weblog.

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