All Inclusive Deal with Rad Studio

Rad Studio is the fastest way to develop cross-platform applications. This all-inclusive package has flexible cloud services and broad IoT connectivity. The latest edition, version 10.2 with codename Tokyo, has been enhanced and simplified. These modifications make for a better, user-friendly experience.

RAD Studio

Having software like Rad is the most efficient way to create applications. The advancements of speak to what RAD stands for. RAD is an acronym from the full name which is rapid application development. With the constant evolution of technology, the changes and improvements that are being made to this software are essential. It is multi-functional and will continue to reinvent itself through the years.

Current Model

Version 10.2 consists of C++ Builder 11 and Delphi. Rad Server has also been upgraded as well. HTML 5 Builder is still available as a part of the package and can be used for creating modern and robust web applications.

C++ Builder 11 supports Windows and mobile devices. The new optimization level has various features. There are enhanced compilers with RAD model support. Similar to its counterpart Delphi, it also has a new language. Additional features include automatic type deduction and native concurrency. There are also better smart pointers.

Delphi is a high-performance native compiler for all supported platforms. This upgrade is easy-to-use for all Delphi developers. It was originally developed by Borland Software. The shortened name, Delphi, stems from the original name Embarcadero Delphi. The created as a rapid application development (RAD) tool for Windows. As years have gone on, it has transformed quite a bit. That is to be expected with the constant evolution of technology.

IDE is an important part of Delphi. It is the user-interface. It is now user-friendly and overall easier to navigate. The faster navigation includes improved IDE menus. This new addition also has dockable windows. That helps with other code editor items. This latest edition of Rad Studio makes this the first IDE to support Desktop Bridge.

Rad Server is the backend to Delphi and C++ Builder. Push notifications are included. There is also an easier user/group management. There are additional features of easy REST API and easy point publishing.

Flagship Interfaces

There are two flagship programs to take note of. The first is InterBase 2017 and the other FireDAC.

The Flagship InterBase 2017 allows you to embed and deploy with ease. It is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOs. It does not stop there! It also works with Linux and Mac. New features allow you to change views. There are also derived tables and server-wide performance monitoring.

FireDAC is another flagship product. Like the rest of the software it was designed to be user-friendly. It is a database native component pack available on all platforms including LINUX. No additional drivers are required, typically ODBC and so on. FireDAc'S great advantage is that it is cross-platform regarding database server (RDBMS) and there can be scenarios for using it for accessing MS SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird, Interbase or Firebird databases and database objects.


Rad Studio has three key components that serve as the foundation. They include: cross-platform native, cloud ready, and internet of things (IoT). Cross-platform native are the platforms in which applications are made available. There is one codebase making the process seamless. These platforms include Windows 10, iOs, Mac OS Sierra, Android, and Linux 64-Bit. Aside from the platforms there are operating systems: 32 and 64-bit CPUs along with Intel and ARM CPUs. With these platforms, there is a runtime library and database access. This contains a memory file system, threading, exceptions, and data table. It also contains: XML, JSON, HTTP, and REST clients.

Ultimately, all it takes is one codebase. You write and customize your UI once and deploy anywhere. Firemonkey is the visual component library. It features a flexible design, style, and platform components.

Cloud ready devices are those that are compatible with the cross-platforms. These devices include televisions, computers, mobile phones, Apple watches, and iPads. These devices are one that are very familiar and with the new RAD studio, the formation is more seamless than it has ever been. There is also Amazon (AWS) and Azure (Microsoft) support. Users can access storage, tables, querying, among other components. REST and HTTP clients have direct access. There is also full support for MongoDB and NOSQL data components.

The IoT community is short form of saying internet of things. Desktop and mobile apps are extended. There is built in classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, and Wifi. There are also ready to use IoT components. These would be found in healthcare, fitness, or home automation devices. These components are prebuilt. Proximity awareness with BeaconFence is also included. BeaconFence has traelo user movement. Additionally, there is sensor data collection and distributing device monitoring with ThingPoints.

All new RAD Studio 10.2 features can be watched at Youtube channel.

Changes and Improvements

With upgrades, there are changes and improvements that would be made. One major change was to Android. Purgatory was removed. There are now multithreading graphics. There was a unification of Delphi and Java. All codes are now running in a Java UI thread.

There are also quick edits. With these you can set up forms, add control, and edit common properties. There are four new areas. The first one is the quick form set up. Those features include a tool bar, status bar, and tabbed dialog. The second area is the addition of commonly used controls and components. Third area is the attachment of icons and image lists. Lastly, there are common editing properties for captions, alignment, and color, among others. Rad Studio is an all-inclusive package that will ensure the highest quality of applications. There is no more jumping from program to program with this package. To receive software that is sold separately in one package is an amazing deal. Rad is one that will change the landscape of application development for years to come.