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HQBird - FirebirdSQL distribution from IBSurgeon
HQBird - FirebirdSQL distribution from IBSurgeon HQbird is an advanced FirebirdSQL distribution from IBSurgeon, it includes replication, monitoring, optimization tools, recovery and database GUI. More details and download
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Components > Grids > String Grids
BKStringGrid FWS16 Kb19 Oct 1999
By Bjorn Kvisli. Descendant of TStringGrid. Here are some of the features added:
  • You can save strings to file and load strings into grid from the same file.
  • You may encrypt the strings when you save them.
  • You may sort rows of the grid by specified column.
  • An event has been added to facilitate validation of user input.

Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D3 D4  

Components > Grids > Power Grids
JVStringGrid v.3.0 FWS39 Kb14 Sep 1999
By JanSoft. JVStringGrid is a TStringGrid descendant featuring:
  • LoadFromCSV, SaveToCSV, SavetoHTML, SaveToXML;
  • insert/delete/append columns/rows;
  • cut/copy/paste/clear/fill range;
  • alpha/number/date sort row/columns;
  • print and print preview;
  • autocalculation spreadsheet;
  • display formula/value;
  • autosize rows/columns;
  • wordwrap;
  • complete Delphi style help file.

Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D4 D5   Home Page.

Components > Grids > String Grids
rStringGridEd v.10.140 C3842 Kb26 Sep 2015
By Tomas Rosinsky. rStringGridEd is enhanced StringGrid component (non database grid) with possibility to define columns properties like in DBGrid. New properties and functions:
  • column/cell EditStyle (Text, Dropdown, Dropdown list, Color pick list, Date picker, Checkbox, Ellipsis button)
  • column/cell DataType (Text, Integer, Numeric, Date, Time) with definable numeric DisplayFormat and Min..Max values
  • column Font, Colors, Alignment and other visual properties
  • gradient color and 3D look for fixed cells
  • Range select, Copy/Paste function to/from MS Excel
  • drag and drop support
  • shows complete text as hint for truncated text in cell
  • provides automatic changing of columns width after dblclick on boundary of title cell (autofit)
  • introduces events for getting cell properties (EditStyle, DataType, CanEdit, PickList, Font, BkColor)
  • introduces events for drawing on active row/cell and for custom drawing of DropDown list items
  • and many more...

With Nag-Screen
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $35
Source Price: $35

Download: C2k10 D2010 CBXE DXE CBXE2 DXE2 CBXE3 DXE3 CBXE4 DXE4 CBXE5 DXE5 CBXE6 DXE6 CBXE7 DXE7 CBXE8 DXE8 CB-10 D-10  We realy use it!  Discuss product.  Register.   Home Page.

Components > Grids > String Grids
StringGrid v.25-04-2014 FWS11 Kb07 Jul 2014
By Jaro Benes. Enhanced string grid with various additional features like cell colorize or sorting.

Pack contain two components -TPubStrGrid and TPubSortStrGrid.

Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D1 D2 D2005 D2006 D2007 D2010 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 DXE DXE2 DXE3 DXE4 DXE5 DXE6   Home Page.

Kylix > Components > Grids
TAdvStringGrid for CLX v.1.0 FW878 Kb10 Oct 2001
By TMS Software. Cross platform development grid component offering printing, saving and loading for various file formats, a full range of special inplace editors, different types of graphics in cells, font, color and alignment control per cell, clipboard functionality, search methods, filtering, grouping, various sorting methods including multicolumn sorts...

Fully functional
Source: On purchase/registration
Exe-demo included

Download: KLX1   Home Page.

Components > Grids > Draw Grids
TDrawGrid & TStringGrid FWS1 Kb27 Jan 1998
By Christian Poisson. TDrawGrid and TStringGrid with new events: OnMouseEnter, OnMouseLeave, OnMouseEnterCell and OnMouseLeaveCell.

Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D3   Home Page.

Components > Grids > String Grids
TDStringGrid v.1.0 FWS4 Kb04 Mar 1998
By David D. G. Martinz. TDStringGrid component adds some functions to TStringGrid: SaveToFile, LoadFromFile (in Standard format or especified Cells).

Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D2 D3  

Components > Grids > String Grids
TEmiStringGrid v.1.11 FWS2 Kb25 Aug 2006
By Eric Minet. Derived from TStringGrid. Added features:
  • published properties:
    • ColTitles: set text for each cell of the first row (column titles)
    • RowTitles: set text for each cell of the first column (row titles)
    • DefaultCellsAlignment: defines the default text alignment for all cells of the grid at design-time.
    • DefaultMultiLineCells: defines the default text multi-line capability at design-time.
  • Events:
    • OnGetCellColor: allows Brush, Font, alignment and multi-line capability to be set at run-time for each cell of the grid.

Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D1 D2 D3 D4 D5   Home Page.

Components > Grids > String Grids
TKStringGrid FWS52 Kb22 Jan 2002
By Sergiy Korzh. TKStringGrid is an advanced string grid control (descendant of standard VCL TCustomGrid) with some extra features:
  • columns collection (each column is a separate object);
  • sorting;
  • quick search;
  • multiline cell values;
  • custom cell editors;
  • improved drawing capabilities (colors, fonts);
  • etc...
You should have KProcs library installed.

Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D3 D4 D5 D6   Home Page.

Components > Grids > String Grids
TMStringGrid FWS2 Kb11 Nov 1999
By Apollo Marketing Enquiries. TMStringGrid allows rows to be appended, deleted and inserted at run-time.

Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D4  

Components > Grids > String Grids
TMStringGrid component for Delphi v.1.0 C1581 Kb18 Mar 2011
By Damir Huzin. TMStringGrid is a fully functional standard TStringGrid component with the following additions: Merging cells; Text alignment in a cell; Cells containing a drop-down arrow or ellipsis button; Programmatically Column and Row moving; A special function for drawing aligned multi-line text on any canvas. TMStringGrid is available as a VCL and VCL.NET component.

Demo only
Source: Included
Price: $20

Download: D2005 D2006 D2007 D2009 D2010 D5 D6 D7 DXE  Register.   Home Page.

Components > Grids > String Grids
ZColorStringGrid v.0.3 FWS1507 Kb22 Mar 2012
By Ruslan Neborak. Inherited from TStringGrid.

Key features:

  • Align text in a cell horizontally and vertically
  • Each cell has its own style (background color, font (style, color), border)
  • Merge cells
  • Multi-line cells
  • Rotation multi-line text with alignment (for TrueType fonts; 0..359 degrees)
  • Horizontal and vertical indent for each cell

Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-demo included

Download: C2k6 CB4 CB5 CB6 CBXE CBXE2 D2005 D2006 D2007 D2009 D2010 D5 D6 D7 DXE DXE2   Home Page.

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