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Make Torry your first port of call.

From: Rick
Date: 16 Mar 2005
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Country, city: UK

The best Delphi component resource

From: Eric
Date: 12 Mar 2005
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Country, city: USA

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Date: 07 Mar 2005
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From: teguh
Date: 04 Mar 2005
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From: DeOptric
Date: 03 Mar 2005
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Country, city: Russia

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From: Squid
Date: 28 Feb 2005
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Country, city: Italia, Florence


From: Krava
Date: 27 Feb 2005
From IP:
Country, city: Ukraine
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From: Arek
Date: 26 Feb 2005
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Country, city: Poland


From: GooD
Date: 21 Feb 2005
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From: mehdi Jafari
Date: 17 Feb 2005
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Country, city: iran
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Components for video and audio processing

RVMedia is a set of Delphi VCL and Lazarus LCL components having the following functions:

Receiving video from local web cameras and IP cameras;Configuring IP cameras and controlling their rotation;
Reading sound from a microphone;Sending and receiving video and audio data via the Internet;
Organizing video chats and video conferences (either as directly connected applications or using a client-server model).

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Complete solution for using Bluetooth, IrDA, WiFi, WiiMote, Kinect and Serial Ports communication in applications

The Wireless Communication Library is the powerful SDK for software developers.

The Library includes a complete components set for develop applications which should use Bluetooth, IrDA, WiFi or Serial Port communication. Also WCL provides easy way to connect to a Wii Remote controller. Since version 6.11 WCL supports Microsoft Kinect game controller.

The Library can be used with Borland Delphi, Borland Developer Studio, Borland CBuilder, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic 6. The Wireless Communication Library is 100% compatable with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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