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Company Homepage: http://www.dancemammal.com
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New FastReport VCL 5.2 released
New FastReport VCL 5.2 released

    We've added new export filter to SVG format. Now you can also reset properties to parents in inherited report – with a whole report or a single object. PDF export became transparent.

    Report designer gained a selection mode and became more flexible. We've also added multi-selection for data tree and ability to drag whole dataset.

    Even more – here

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Company Products

Total 6 products

Components > Files and Drives > CD and DVD
CD Burning Library v.1.2FWS 1253 k 11 Sep 2005
By Dancemammal. This is the first full release of the open source CD Burning Library for Delphi.

The library is a work in progress so bugs may persist, and developers are needed to help with the library. This is a full working library, you will not need to have any other software installed (nero etc), using this library you should be able to create fully functional CD Burning software, (watch for the influx of burning software)


  • ASPI / ASAPI / SPTI support for drive access
  • Easy object classes for drives, CDBurners.CDBurner etc
  • Write ISO9660 imges to CD / DVD
  • Stream ISO9660 images from CD / DVD
  • Audio Library with tracklist class to auto create Audio CD's
  • Audio auto convert plus other functions (normalize , add silence etc)
  • Write Audio CD's
  • Format and Blank ReWritable CDs
  • Test application Included.
Also includes the ISO9660 library:
  • Create ISO9660 Joliet CD Images
  • Read and Edit ISO9660 images
  • Add and remove files and folders
  • Easy to use classes.
All Source Code and Test Applications Included.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included
Download: D2005 D4 D5 D6 D7  Discuss productHomepage

Applications in Delphi and BCB > Internet > Messenging
Ether Messenger v.1.01FW 305 k 23 Jul 2001
By Dancemammal. Simple messaging system lists all online users, send messages to individuals or broadcast to all, instant chat with user now uses public key encryption for messaging, pings to let you know you have a message, chat screen appears if called.
Fully functional
Source: N/A
Download: ME NT4 W2K W98 XP  Homepage

Components > Charts and Graphs > Charts
Gantt Charter v.1.0.1SWS 428 k 08 May 2007
By Dancemammal. Gantt Charting Components Easily and quickly create your Gantt Charts, Gantt Component and Gantt Project component (Updated Gantt Component (Updated)
  • Easily and quickly create your Gantt Chart
  • Very Flexible design
  • Designed and written from ground up
  • Item Dragging and Moving
  • Item Resizing via drag
  • Item Linking (hard and soft)
  • Item Soft Shadows
  • Double Buffered for flicker free operation
  • Lots of functions and procedures to play with
  • Printing with print settings (header and footers)
  • Fully usable Demo project (Gantt One)
  • save and load to xml
  • Save as Bitmap Image
  • Save as JPEG Image
  • Better visuals
  • Day Stretching (zoom)
  • Grid Line Removal
  • Day names toggle
  • ISO Weeks toggle
  • Updated Project resources, now with more fields (Department, Company etc)
  • Date Blocking (Create a block of dates with a title)
  • New printing styles (WYSIWYG, On Screen, Selection)
  • Updated xml binder to include the new gantt features
  • Added first of the Data links, OutLookDataLink, create tasks in outlook direct from the Gantt chart
  • Added text property to Gantt Items
  • Added Import Unit to help import older versions of the Gantt Chart
  • Added truncated Project Titles
  • Free for Non Commercial Applications
Gantt Project Component (Updated)
  • As above but with a more rigid project based design
  • Project group bars adapt to the items
  • Project title show the total sum of days for that project
  • Main Gantt chart title shows total sum of days for all projects
  • Progress bars are shown on Block style Items
  • Items are now titled and placed under each other (project based)
  • Item text is placed at the end of the item for better visuals
  • Projects can now be collapsed and expanded
  • Item linking now has new styles (finish to start, finish to finish etc)
  • Added new Resource chart to help chart resources for projects
  • Items day length now changes on resizing
  • Free for Non Commercial Applications

Fully functional
Source: Included
Price: $100
Exe-Demo Included
Download: D5 D6 D7  Discuss productHomepage

Applications in Delphi and BCB > Graphics > Image Protection
ImageHide v.1.0FW 1086 k 26 Nov 2001
By Dancemammal. Application to let you hide a lot of text in an image file, has simple encrypt and decrypt, files open as normal in paint packages, no overhead on the image file (size stays the same), give your images the spy treatment.
Fully functional
Source: None
Download: ME NT4 W2K W95 W98 XP  Homepage

Applications in Delphi and BCB > Cellular > SMS
SMS Wizard v.1.0FW 765 k 28 Jun 2001
By Dancemammal. SMS Text messaging application, many gateways, keeps mobile numbers.
Fully functional
Source: N/A
Download: ME NT4 W2K W95 W98 XP  Homepage

Applications in Delphi and BCB > Desktop > Wallpapers
Win Vista v.1.2FW 543 k 10 Apr 2003
By Dancemammal. A cool wallpaper manager with auto filtered resizing, coloured background to suit image. Now with Video Desktop, will play mpeg or AVI as your wallpaper (Active Desktop required). Timer to control wallpaper Load/Save Gallery of images and videos.
Fully functional
Source: On request
Download: ME NT4 W2K W95 W98 XP  Homepage


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