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  • LMD VCL Complete 2017 - more than 750 VCL controls for Delphi and C++Builder!
  • Includes LMD-Tools, LMD ElPack, LMD IDE-Tools and NG Controls Complete 2017
  • Now with full AnyLogger client source code for creating customized logging clients!



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  • Zabalov Max
  • Zaccari Mark
  • zaenuri achmad
  • Zagni Pablo
  • Zahl Martin
  • Zaidelson Ilya
  • Zaiger Yoni
  • Zaikin Yuri
  • Zaitsev Pavel
  • Zakhrebetkov Igor
  • Zakostelsky Thomas
  • Zanatta Mauricio
  • Zanela Aroldo
  • Zanetti Anthony
  • Zanis Alex
  • Zapper Trace
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  • Zardosht Reza
  • Zarghi Ali Reza
  • Zarrelli Roberto
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  • Zavisic Milan R.
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  • Zeller Mike
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  • Zeumer Carsten
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  • Zgonnik Dmitry
  • ZHANG Peng
  • Zhigunov Vladimir
  • Zhikharev Alexander
  • Zhmulevsky Grigory
  • Zhong Wan
  • Zhuang Robert
  • Zhuchkov Anton
  • Zhukov Andrew V.
  • Zhuo Nengwen
  • Ziegler Ben
  • ZieglerSoft
  • Zieleznik Detlef
  • Ziersch Julian
  • Zigelman Offir
  • Zil
  • Zimin Sergey
  • Zinoviev Valery V.
  • Ziping Wu
  • ZippHO Project
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  • Zorch Group
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  • Zorgo Zoltan
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  • Zornow Reginald P.
  • Zorro
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  • ZStools
  • Zuev Genadie
  • Zukerberg Vasily
  • Zvezdakoski Kire
  • ZYZ

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    Active Query Builder VCL Edition is a visual query designer and SQL parser component for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Delphi/C++Builder and Java

    Active Query Builder allows users to build SQL queries via the intuitive drag'n'drop interface and to edit them via the powerful text editor with code completion and syntax highlighting, combining these techniques in any order.

    It lets parse, analyze and modify complex SQL queries programmatically. It supports tens of SQL language dialects: Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Active Query Builder provides highly productive environment to work with SQL queries for both the end-user and programmer!

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    Develop and debug service applications easy then ever

    SvCom is an integrated package of classes and tools for development of service applications and use of NT Security framework.

    Currently SvCom components work under all flavours of Windows.

    • Deploy NT Service applications under Windows 9x/ME and NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ 2008/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
    • Develop and debug NT services using either Windows 95/98 or NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ 2008/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 - using the same classes and the same function calls (!!!)
    • Advanced service debugging (Extremely useful, when you service is not just "Hello, World!")
    • Many more features...

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