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Professional set of Delphi and C++Builder components for virtual instrumentation

  • Meters, Bars (Gauge), with linear or log(10) scaling
  • Digital indicators (time, value)
  • Operating Point display
  • Dial (knob), Sliders, Trend/Recorder
  • buttons, switches, LED indicators
  • DB-Aware components and many more



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  • Fabricius Henrik
  • Fabricius Sven
  • Fadjar Hamidi F.
  • Fagundo Pedro Pablo Paxe1os
  • Fahlgren Christer
  • Fairfax Ben
  • Fajardo Roberto Hurtado
  • Fajardo Galvez Basilio
  • Falta Martin
  • Faltinek Andreas
  • Faltinek Andreas
  • Farley Michael
  • Farrell Tony
  • Fastream Technologies
  • FastReport Software
  • Faul Jurgen
  • Faul J.
  • Fayce Rick
  • Fazekas Andrei
  • fCoder Group International
  • FDsystem
  • Fe Software & Development
  • Federer Christoph
  • Fedko Oleg
  • Fedorov Alexey
  • Fedorov Andrew
  • Fedotov Alex
  • Fei Hongbin
  • Feist Matthias
  • Fekete Zoltan
  • Fekete David
  • Feldstein Eric
  • Felis Oscar
  • Fellhuber F.
  • Fellner Richey
  • Feng Jeason
  • Feng Jiawen
  • Ferguson Colin
  • Fermin
  • Fernandez Nelson
  • Fernandez Dan
  • FERON Chris
  • Ferrari Giulio
  • Ferreira Marcelo Rodrigues
  • Ferri Jose Maria
  • Ferri Fabio
  • Ferruccio Accalai
  • Ferszt Aldo
  • FFSoft
  • Fiala Jan
  • Fihman Alex
  • Filatkin Andrey
  • Filipowicz Jaroslaw
  • Final Filer Software
  • Finelli Paulo
  • Fire and Safety International
  • Firenze Federico
  • FirstStop WebSearch, LLC
  • Fischbach Ryan
  • FISH
  • Fish Andrew
  • Flaider Alin
  • Flank Howard
  • FlashPeak, Inc
  • FlexGraphics Software
  • Flockhart Don
  • Florac Bill
  • Florean Vitalii
  • Flores Phillip
  • Flynn Steve
  • Foerster Ingo
  • Fohr Robert D.
  • Fomitchev Andrei
  • Fontaine Pierre
  • Fontaine Axel
  • Fookes Eric G.V.
  • Forbes Steve
  • Ford M.
  • Forest Rain
  • Forgac Igor
  • Forkmann Steffen
  • Formula Software, Inc
  • Fornengo Michel
  • Fornero Monia Marco
  • Forrest Bud
  • Fortes Informatica Ltda
  • Fox Greg
  • Fox MA Gregory L.
  • Fractal Software
  • Fracture Software
  • Francois Bret
  • Frank Eyal
  • Frank Michael
  • Frankson Todd
  • Franxa7a Paulo
  • FraserSoft
  • Freitag Timon
  • French Kev
  • Frere Sylvain
  • Freris Panagiotis
  • Fridman Uri
  • Friedrich Christian
  • FriendSoft
  • Friesen Ken
  • Frischalowski Dirk
  • Frolic Fruit
  • Froschauer Thomas
  • FTP Royal
  • Fu Samson
  • Fuligni Roberto
  • Funke Richard
  • Furletov Victor
  • Furman Vitaly
  • Fursov Vitaliy

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    Active Query Builder VCL Edition is a visual query designer and SQL parser component for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Delphi/C++Builder and Java

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    Complete solution for using Bluetooth, IrDA, WiFi, WiiMote, Kinect and Serial Ports communication in applications

    The Wireless Communication Library is the powerful SDK for software developers.

    The Library includes a complete components set for develop applications which should use Bluetooth, IrDA, WiFi or Serial Port communication. Also WCL provides easy way to connect to a Wii Remote controller. Since version 6.11 WCL supports Microsoft Kinect game controller.

    The Library can be used with Borland Delphi, Borland Developer Studio, Borland CBuilder, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic 6. The Wireless Communication Library is 100% compatable with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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