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    Ben Ziegler"s Delphi Pages 11 Feb 2000
    By Ben Ziegler. Lots of free source code including WABD (Web Application Builder for Delphi), and a Print Preview Component, and more ...

    Chris & Tim"s Rapid Application Development Homepage 11 Feb 2000
    By Unknown. Components, bugs, documents, links...

    Chuck"s Delphi Pages 11 Feb 2000
    By Chuck Gadd. Components, books, links, Delphi Ring...

    D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components 03 Dec 2013
    By Babak Yaghoobi. iOS Native Components collection for Delphi XE4 and later. Develop Native iOS applications with Delphi XE4 / XE5 Develop iPhone & iPad & iPod Touch apps with fast native performance and native styles.

    Delphi Central 11 Feb 2000
    By Allan Carlton. Delphi Articles, Tutorials and Hints..

    Delphi Internet Pages 11 Feb 2000
    By Unknown. Useful examples for Delphi for ISAPI, MIDAS etc..

    Delphi Snippets 11 Feb 2000
    By Unknown. These pages contains several Borland Delphi and Borland CBuilder examples, articles and links to other pages with freesource code.

    Delphi Stop 11 Feb 2000
    By Bruno Sonnino. A lot of components, code examples. Wellorganized site.

    GTDelphiComponents 21 Jan 2009
    By George Trifidis. GTDelphiComponents is site for Delphi which 100% freeware products either components, component pack and or applications.

    Full source code is available for all Delphi components or component packs.


    Jans Delphi Collection 31 Aug 2000
    By Jan Verhoeven. More than 100 freeware Delphi components with source by Jan Verhoeven: XMLParser, database-engine, spreadsheet, janScript, image manipulation, Outbar etc.

    Marco Cantu 11 Feb 2000
    By Marco Cantu. Tips and tricks, links, books, useful code and samples...
      Just Well Done!  

    Microtower 11 Feb 2000
    By Unknown. Various tools for DelphiX...

    Nataly Elmanova Home Page 11 Feb 2000
    By Nataly Elmanova. Home page of author of Introduction to Borland C++ Builder book. Here you can download samples, articles, etc.

    panqnik.com :: programming, security, tools 09 May 2011
    By panqnik. n Panqnik.com You can find some useful articles regarding programming, security or IT news, programs

    Pisarev.net 19 Mar 2003
    By Yuri Pisarev. The site is devoted to Delphi programmers. There is a collection of powerful components with opened source code. Illustrated articles demonstrate how to use them.

    RoosieWeb 07 Jan 2002
    By Stefan. Home of several Delphi-written applications.

    SintRes 19 Dec 2005
    By Andrey G. Sadovoy. Programs, Components, Units on Delphi, useful links.

    Stefan"s Homepage 26 Jan 2001
    By Stefan Cruysberghs. Freeware components, tools, links and many more.

    Tribute To Delphi 11 Feb 2000
    By Alexey Fedorov. A lot of useful code examples from exlusive editor of Russian edition of #34 ComputerPress#34...

    Uri Fridman Site 25 Feb 2002
    By Uri Fridman. Delphi site in English. Win32 and Linux encryption, security and system applications. Along with some humor, quotes, etc.

    W-Shadow.com (Slightly Advanced Delphi Programming) 17 Sep 2006
    By Janis Elsts. Articles and random thoughts about slightly advanced topics (including WinAPI, AI, NLP and other things). Mostly Delphi, but not limited to that language only. Freeware/opensource applications and units. Updates once or twice a week.

    XCL Pages 11 Feb 2000
    By Vladimir Kladov. Home of eXtream Class Library. Let"s make our Delphi program small...

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