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Direct Access
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Companies News:

HQBird - FirebirdSQL distribution from IBSurgeon
HQBird - FirebirdSQL distribution from IBSurgeon HQbird is an advanced FirebirdSQL distribution from IBSurgeon, it includes replication, monitoring, optimization tools, recovery and database GUI. More details and download
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DbExpress driver for ODBC v.3.206 2008-12-18FWS 5390 k 19 Dec 2008
By Edward Benson, Vadim Lopushansky. DbExpress driver for ODBC. Tested against many Databases including: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Centura SQLBase, MySQL, Microsoft Access, etc.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: KLX2 KLX3  Homepage

VolgaDB Engine for Kylix v.5.1GPLS 79 k 21 Jun 2006
By Olga Vlasova. VolgaDB Engine is a small and fast single-user engine for working with flat files in own Volga format or client-server multi-user engine for working with MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access, dBASE databases without using BDE. Component package consists of TVolgaTable, TVolgaQuery, TVolgaServQuery, TVolgaDatabase and VolgaDB Desktop utility for managing Volga files. It works with any visible DB-aware controls.
  • All necessary code is included in your application without additional DLLs. Distribution of your applications will be very simple - only copy exe and data files into any folder and it works.
  • Files in Volga format usually have *.d extension, although it is not mandatory. No external index or memo files are used. Sorting records is performed on the fly in memory, memos and images are saved within the *.d file.
  • Cloned tables are used for avoiding duplicate file loading and to use one data source in different views: use different sort orders, ranges and filters at the same time. All changes in all cloned tables are placed into shared cursor and saved with one ApplyUpdates method.
  • VolgaDB Engine implements password protection and uses Sapphire algorithm for ciphering flat Volga files.
  • Sort-on-the-fly, cached updates, master-detail, exporting data to text, DBF, XML, Excel files and more...

Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: KLX3  Homepage

InterXpress for Firebird Kylix Edition v.2.4.0SW 494 k 15 Oct 2013
By Upscene Productions. InterXpress for Firebird is driver that supports Borland's dbExpress technology as available in Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix.
Evaluation (time-limit)
Source: None
Price: $62
Download: KLX1 KLX2 KLX3  Homepage

BtrUtils library v. 68 k 10 Feb 2005
By Alexander Leonov. BtrUtils Library is designed for using native Btrieve API in applications.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: KLX1 KLX2 KLX3  Homepage

Accuracer Database System for Kylix v.1.40C 972 k 29 Apr 2004
By AidAim Software LLC. Accuracer is a compact, embedded, single-file, multi-user (file-server and client/server) cross-platform BDE replacement database with SQL support based on a new original BDE alternative database engine that supports the almost all TTable, TQuery, TDatabase, TSession, TBatchMove functions and provides some special ones to give you wide functionality and ease of use.
  • Multi-user (both client/server and file server)
  • Multi-thread access
  • Storing all tables inside the single database file
  • No BDE; no DLLs
  • SQL'92 (DML & DDL) support
  • Fully compatible with standard DB-aware controls
  • IProvider Support (ClientDataset)
  • Small footprint and low memory usage
  • In-Memory tables support for the fastest data access
  • Varchar and BLOB field types with optional data compression
  • Strong encryption with wide variety of algorithms and modes
  • Transactions support with READ COMMITTED isolation level
  • BatchMove component
  • ODBC Driver available
  • No royalties
  • Full source code available
  • Windows / Linux cross-platform database engine
  • Unmatched ease-of-use, comprehensive help, lots of demos and utilities with source code for Delphi/C++Builder and Kylix.
Accuracer is currently available for the Borland Delphi / C++Builder and Kylix development environments in Single-User (SU), Multi-User (MU), and Client/Server (CS) versions with full source code (Pro) or without one (Std).
Evaluation (time-limit)
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $155
Source Price: $375
Download: KLX3  Gift for Torry. Thank You !Register NowHomepage

MyComponents v.4.5.0SW 2008 k 27 May 2007
By SciBit. The MyComponents has been on the market and developed since 1999. Here are some of the features:
  • No royalties, free upgrades and Full source;
  • No BDE / ADO / ODBC / dbExpress;
  • MySQL 3.21 to 5;
  • Three drivers (access methods): Direct, Embedded or ClientLib;
  • TCP/IP or Piping communication;
  • Built-in Support for new MySQL 4.1 secure authentication;
  • Thread-safe, Threaded Updates as well as Cached Updates;
  • Standard properties: Filters, Master-Detailing, Macros & Params, etc;
  • All MySQL columntypes including AutoInc & BLOB;
  • Optimized blob / memo storage and handling;
  • Optimized record fetching for large tables.

With Nag-Screen
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $99
Download: KLX1 KLX2 KLX3  Register NowHomepage

Devrace FIBPlus v.6.7CS 2452 k 30 Jun 2007
By Devrace. FIBPlus is the simplest and most flexible suite of components for direct access to FireBird and Interbase. Full support of SQLDialect 3 of Interbase 6.0 / FireBird, support of array-fields, emulation of boolean fields, multi-table and multi-transaction modification of data.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Price: $299
Download: KLX3  Register NowHomepage

KeyDB v.1.30.2SW 1866 k 12 Aug 2002
By Unley Software. The KeyDB engine is a component developed as a desktop database solution.

Some of the features of the new engine are:

  • Up to 1000 tables per database in a single file
  • Up to 255 fields per table
  • Up to 32 indexes per table
  • Up to 32 fields per index (Max. key size 500 bytes)
  • Blob support
  • Transaction support and encryption
  • Multi-user access
  • User security features including passwords and variable access permission levels
  • Optimized filters
  • In-memory tables
  • Run-time restructuring
  • Run-time data importing from other datasets
  • Fully native Delphi component that compiles into your executable
  • Compatible with most TTable functions to make conversion simple
  • Small footprint.
In addition, the KeyDB desktop has routines available for batch copying of Paradox/BDE tables into your databases.
Trial (work while IDE is running)
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $129
Source Price: $199
Download: KLX2  Register NowHomepage

Clarion Toolkit v.1.14FWS 124 k 22 Jul 2002
By Dmitry Koudryavtsev. Components set for Clarion v.2.x tables read-only access.


  • Encrypted tables support (with password recovering)
  • Clarion arrays support
  • Firebird (Interbase 6) support
  • Application-level transactions.
Useful demos:
  • Clarion DAT to dBASE DBF converter (d2d)
  • D2D ActiveX edition
  • D2D GUI edition
  • DAT to Interbase converter
  • DAT Viewer
  • DBF to DAT converter.
Compiled demos available at homepage.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: KLX1 KLX2  Homepage

ODBCExpress for Kylix v.5.07SW 1761 - 3178 k 01 Jul 2002
By Korbitec. ODBCExpress wraps the ODBC API into a set of easy-to-use classes for Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix, so that you don't have to know much about the low-level ODBC API to make use of ODBC in your applications.

ODBCExpress compiles completely into your executable, which means no distribution of an external database engine is necessary.

ODBCExpress was designed with the express purpose of writing large and responsive industrial-strength data access applications, and because ODBCExpress talks directly to ODBC, ODBCExpress' architecture is optimized for performance.
With Nag-Screen
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $299
Source Price: $699

Download: KLX2 KLX3  Register NowHomepage

CB4 Tables v.2.0SW 1281 k 28 Sep 2005
By Tiriss. CB4 Tables is a set of components that can be used anywhere you want to use dBase IV, FoxPro or Clipper tables, but don't want to use the BDE:
  • It is a wrapper for using CodeBase in Delphi (and C++Builder and Kylix).
  • It allows you to use CodeBase as a BDE replacement.
  • It is almost completely compatible with TTable, so you can easily migrate to or from the BDE.
  • It has two components: a TCB4Table and a TCB4Database.
  • It's component TCB4Table is a descendant of TDataset so it can be used by any standard VCL or third party control using datasets.
  • It adds extra functionality like Tag expression recognition and better scrollbar support for DBGrids.
  • It can be used in a standalone and a client-server environment.

Trial (work while IDE is running)
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $65
Download: KLX1 KLX2 KLX3  Homepage

PgExpress Driver v.4.22C 1084 k 03 Apr 2008
By Vita Voom Software. The Vita Voom pgExpress PostgreSQL dbExpress Driver Version is a Borland Kylix/Delphi 6+ Driver that directly access PostgreSQL 7.1+ databases, and has several features not found on any other driver, such as PostgreSQL 7.4 support, automatic Fetch Cursors, native support for Int8, Multibyte, BLOB support, localized versions, automatic numeric support and more.. This driver has support for all the most commonly used PostgreSQL field types (notably: int2, in4, int8, serial, char, varchar, text, date, datetime, time, BLOB, float, real, numeric and others).
Trial (work while IDE is running)
Source: None
Download: KLX1 KLX2 KLX3  Register NowHomepage

Direct Mysql Objects v.1.2.2FWS 96 k 24 Jun 2006
By Cristian Nicola. First (and only) set of objects to directly connect to MySQL server without any aditional DLLs.

There is a patch for Zeos Database Objects - Zeos Database Objects for people which needs a TDataset descendant.

The main advantages are:

  • huge speed fetching is over 4x faster than the dll provided by MySQL
  • lower memory - at least 10% less than when you are using the library.

Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: KLX1 KLX2 KLX3  Homepage

CDDB Component v.0.1.70FWS 100 k 02 Sep 2002
By Ari Sundholm. A component dedicated to FreeDB usage. Implements everything needed to query Audio CD album data from FreeDB servers. Supports HTTP and SMTP submissions and uses ASPI/ SPTI/ CDROM IOCTL to read the CDs TOC.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: KLX1  

Direct Oracle Access v. 2223 k 11 Jul 2007
By Allround Automations. With these three components you access an Oracle database directly. This gives you the following advantages:
  • No distributing, installing and configuring the BDE
  • No BDE overhead or trade offs: your queries will run up to five times faster
  • The program executable size will be more than 100K smaller
  • The use of variants makes programming easy (null values, runtime type information)
  • You can use PL/SQL blocks for server logic in your application
  • Easy to use, the components are intelligent.

Trial (work while IDE is running)
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $129
Source Price: $299
Download: KLX3  Register NowHomepage

My Little Base v.2.02FWS 53 k 28 Sep 2006
By Anirom. MyLittleBase is the most compatible, easy to use and standalone database library (csv based). Plus it is open source freeware even for commercial use. The Delphi component is distributed with an experimental SQL engine with full source code and sample to query tables. MyLittleBase (Mlb2) links to no external DLL or server or library it is 100% standalone, free from BDE or ADO. MyLittleBase is available for Delphi & Kylix & Lazarus, PHP, C++ Builder and GCC.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: KLX1 KLX2 KLX3  Homepage

SplitBase v.1.0FWS 620 k 06 Aug 2001
By Leon O. Romain. SplitBase is a simple, efficient and fast database management system capable of accomodating millions of records in its original release. It may be easily modified to access billions of record using Delphi version 4 or higher. It comes in three formats: an include file, a Delphi native control and an Active X control.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: KLX1  

MySQLBackUp v.1.0FWS 198 k 21 Jun 2001
By DATATEC Computer GmbH. MySQLBackUp With the component very simply backup (dump), restore and table-struct information from MySQL tables or whole databases. A demo program shows the mode of operation of the component. It need libmysql.dll and the MyBackUp.dll (included). It does not need BDE or other DB-components.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: KLX1  Homepage

Zeos Database Objects v.6.6.6FWS 1779 k 19 Oct 2010
By Capella Development Group. Components for fast access to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle and Interbase SQL servers without use add-ons, such as BDE / ODBC / ADO. Besides, the components - sources of data are compatible with standard TDataset and have a number of additional features.

The library consists of:

  • Low-level plain API for access to client part of MySQL, PostgreSQL and Interbase
  • Low-level class API for access to MySQL, PostgreSQL and Interbase
  • TZXXSqlDatabase components for representation of database connection
  • TZXXSqlTransact components for transaction management
  • TZXXSqlQuery components for executing of SQL-queries and viewing/editing of the contents of simple and complex selects
  • TZXXSqlTable components for viewing and editing of database tables
  • TZXXSqlMonitor components for viewing of outgoing queries to SQL-servers
  • TZUpdateSql components for changing/deleting/adding of queries
  • TZBatchSql for executing of SQL-scripts.
  • more...

Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: KLX2 KLX3  Homepage

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  Active Query Builder VCL Edition is a visual query designer and SQL parser component for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Delphi/C++Builder and Java
Active Query Builder VCL Edition is a visual query designer and SQL parser component for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Delphi/C++Builder and Java Active Query Builder allows users to build SQL queries via the intuitive drag'n'drop interface and to edit them via the powerful text editor with code completion and syntax highlighting, combining these techniques in any order. It lets parse, analyze and modify complex SQL queries programmatically. It supports tens of SQL language dialects: Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Active Query Builder provides highly productive environment to work with SQL queries for both the end-user and programmer! more... more...

  Develop and debug service applications easy then ever
SvCom is an integrated package of classes and tools for development of service applications and use of NT Security framework. Currently SvCom components work under all flavours of Windows.
  • Deploy NT Service applications under Windows 9x/ME and NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ 2008/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
  • Develop and debug NT services using either Windows 95/98 or NT/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ 2008/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 - using the same classes and the same function calls (!!!)
  • Advanced service debugging (Extremely useful, when you service is not just "Hello, World!")
  • Many more features...
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