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Companies News:

New FastReport VCL 5.2 released
New FastReport VCL 5.2 released

    We've added new export filter to SVG format. Now you can also reset properties to parents in inherited report with a whole report or a single object. PDF export became transparent.

    Report designer gained a selection mode and became more flexible. We've also added multi-selection for data tree and ability to drag whole dataset.

    Even more here

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Andre's QReport Editor v.2.1FWS 50 k 17 Apr 2000
By Andre Demidov. It allows to edit report at run-time (user may select field and format), simplifies band resizing, contains replacements for QRBand, QRLabel, QRShape, QRMemo only. English and Russian versions.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: CB1 CB3 CB4 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5  Homepage

Quick Report Advanced Components v.1.2SW 563 k 11 Dec 2004
By Dev Quickly. QRA components are enhanced Quick Report standard components.

Drawing problems with Quick Report prevent create a report quickly.

By using Frames, you may verify if no text is printed on them, if there's no blanks between components, etc.

QRA components correct that problems, Quick Report just print inside text, but not Frames, QRA print Frames themselves. Also, changes allow create Frames with width 0 (1 single line), if you want.

New possibilities exists:

  • QRALabel, QRADBText and QRAExpr have a VAlignment property for vertical alignment (Top, Center or Bottom).
  • QRADBText and QRAExpr have a NewValueOnly property to not print multiple same values.
  • QRASysPage and QuickRepA are 2 new components that allow print: Page 1 / 3 if your report contains 3 pages.
With QRA components, it's possible to create report with 50% time less, because the printed version is correct at first time.
Trial (work while IDE is running)
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $20
Exe-Demo Included
Download: D3 D5 D6  Register NowHomepage

QuickReport CheckBoxes v.2.00FWS 5 k 02 Feb 1999
By Paul Doland, Andy Corteen. QuickReport CheckBox components. Also supports frame styles and choice of check mark or X.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D1 D2 D3 D4  

RVQRControls v.3.0FWS 59 k 27 May 2011
By TRICHVIEW.COM. QRRichview / QRDBRichview are components for printing TRichView documents with QuickReport.

Developed by Henk van Bokhorst / IVS Systemhouse B.V. and QBS.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Exe-Demo Included

Download: C2k7 D2005 D2006 D2007 D2010 D7 DXE  Homepage

Rounded Rectangles for QuickReports v.1.0FWS 3 k 23 Feb 1998
By Inner-Smile. This component allows using Rounded Rectangles in QuickReports.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D1 D2 D3  Homepage

TExtraFilters v.1.0SW 615 k 14 Jan 2000
By James Waler. TExtraFilters adds 8 new export filters to QuickReport. Add one unit to your project and users can save reports to Lotus, Excel, RTF, PDF, HTML, CSS2, Bitmap and JPEG formats. No DLL's or other software required.
Fully functional
Source: On purchase/registration
Price: $25
Download: D5 D6 D7  Register NowHomepage

TQRAngled Label v.1.1aFWS 12 k 21 Oct 1997
By Francisco Maia Goncalves Neto. QRAngled Label is a improved Quick Report label component. It's allow you to display (and print) the label in any angle, from 0 to 359 degrees. Now with DB capabilities and new properties.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D1 D2 D3  

TQRDecisionGrid v.1.01FWS 10 k 03 Feb 2001
By Yuri A. Smantzerr. TQRDecisionGrid is a QuickReport printable analog of TDecisionGrid. It allows print multi-dimensional reports.
Fully functional
Source: Included
Download: D3 D4 D5  

TQRMultiExport - PDF and Image exporter v.1.0GPLS 403 k 25 Jan 2008
By Akos Toth. This component allows you to save your QuickReport output in different graphics formats. Supported formats are: PDF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, EMF, WMF and TIFF

Events implemented: OnBeginExport, OnFinishExport, OnPrepare (after calling the prepare method of the report) and OnPage (before exporting each page).
Fully functional
Source: Included

Download: D7  Gift for Torry. Thank You !

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