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Companies News:

New Rosi Components Package released
New Rosi Components Package released Create feature-rich windows applications with many new components and universal dialogs.
  • improved DBGrid
  • new DBRecordView, DBTreeView
  • toolbars and db dialogs to Find, Filter, Sort, Export, Print...
  • StringGrid with columns definition
  • GroupBox with automatic alignment and resizing of owned controls
And many more for $35 only - details here
Want to know more ?


C 2 Delphi Converter v.1.0C 657 k 30 Jul 2008
By Christian Kassler. Convert C source code into Delphi/Pascal source code. The program can help you to port existing applications to another new program language. It will change the C syntax into the Pascal syntax. The program has a batch conversation function to process mulitple files and can progress include files.

After the conversation you will still have to do some changes before you can compile the program under Delphi but the time consuming part has been done.
Fully functional
Source: None

Download: D1 D2 D2005 D2006 D2007 D3 D5 D6 D7  Gift for Torry. Thank You !Homepage

C to Pascal Converter v. 523 k 18 Aug 2010
By Ural Gunaydin. Convert C header or source files to Pascal, minimize your time by almost 50%.

Load a *.c or *.h file and click on Convert->Run and watch how its working its way thorough the file. Up to 32 files can be opened but only one conversion possible in this version.
Fully functional
Source: None

Download: D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7  Homepage

C to Pascal Workshop v.1.0SW 489 k 20 Oct 1999
By Oleg Zavgorodnij. Purpose of this program is to make easier the process of translation of existing programs or algorithms written on ANSI C language to the Pascal. Two editors for C and pascal with syntax highlight and of course C to Pascal. Translator with translation about 80-90% of C code.
Demo only
Source: None
Price: $60
Download: D2 D3 D4  Homepage

ConvertFiles v.2.20FW 1208 k 17 Jan 2006
By Softwork - Tecnologia e Informxa1tica Ltda. Migration Delphi for Kylix without problems with ConvertFiles.

"All of us, developers, know that Borland Delphi is one of the best development tools RAD of the market and with Borland Kylix's release, we started to have the opportunity to create applications for S.O.Linux. However, one of the largest faced problems, was when we wanted to carry our projects written in Delphi for Kylix.

Such a process is not a difficult task, however it is very difficult and costly, causing a lot of times the detailed reedition of the projects, because we should change all the units substituting some names (Menus => QMenus, Forms => QForms, etc..) existent in the clause you use and also some key words (bsSizeable => fbsSizeable, mb_OK => smbOK, etc...).

That task becomes more complicated when the programmer doesn't know exactly what should be substituted in your projects so that this can be compiled in Borland Kylix. That is perfectly normal, because in the beginning I also had that problem type.

I selected a very small project for the conversion (16 units to the total) and with passing of the hours, I could notice that I would have a tremendous work to convert the next projects (much larger than that, be said of passage).

There I thought: "Why not to develop an application to do the whole heavy work and mechanic for me?, would I be like this just with the successes and final fittings."

Lively with that idea, I began the project ConvertFiles, whose main objective is of to automate and to activate the conversion process.

This application carries with extreme agility and your easiness project Borland Delphi, based on the library of visual components for Windows (VCL), for a native project Borland Kylix, based on the library of components inter-platform of Borland (CLX), being enough the user to indicate some characteristics of the project, and in few seconds, your project will be capable to be recompiled in Borland Kylix, or vice-versa."
Fully functional
Source: On request

Download: D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7  Homepage

Delphi to C Builder v.1.5SW 548 k 03 Dec 2005
By Zhao li. Delphi to C++ Builder canít substitute for your handcraft modification completely, but can save 80% time for you.

Convert Delphi code segment to C++ Builder.

This is a tools that convert Delphi code segment to C++Builder,it can carry out a majority of syntax conversions very simply (the code in the function or procedure, from "VAR" to last "END").
Trial (work while IDE is running)
Source: None
Price: $39.50

Download: D2 D2005 D2006 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7  Register NowHomepage

Delphi2Cpp v.1.6.3SW 6329 k 10 May 2012
By Detlef Meyer-Eltz. Delphi2Cpp helps to convert Delphi source files to C++. It is based on a complete parser for Delphi 7 and uses type information of the included units e.g. the VCL. The include paths can be set in the options as well as defines for the conditional compilation. The program saves all purely mechanical syntactical substitutions and rearrangements of the code in which the largest portion of the translation consists. A lot of more complex translation steps are executed too. However, in most cases a manual post-processing of the produced code will be required.

The translation capabilities are not guaranteed to work in all but in most cases:

  • directives for the conditional compilation are evaluated
  • unification of the case of the identifiers
  • pas-files are split into h-files and cpp-files
  • variables in interface parts are made to external variables
  • comments remain in c++ form in the translated code
  • characters are converted to strings in according contexts
  • constructors and destructors get the names of their classes
  • VCL classes are created with 'new'
  • parenthesis are appended, if an identifier denotes a function
  • return values and according assignments and return statements are inserted into functions
  • subranges either are converted to size constants or left at least as comments
  • default array-properties are recognized and expanded
  • explicit definitions of enumerated types and sets are translated straight forward
  • helpers are created for implicit definitions of enumerated types and sets
  • scope operators are translated either as dots or '->'
  • simple with-statements are expanded.

Evaluation (time-limit)
Source: None
Price: $420
Download: C2k10 C2k7 C2k9 CB6 CBXE CBXE2  Register NowHomepage

Scx2dfm - Visual FoxPro To Delphi Converter. v.1.5SW 533 k 29 Jan 2006
By VFPConversions. Scx2Dfm is a tool for programmers who want to migrate Microsoft Visual FoxPro applications into Delphi with the least possible effort. Using VFP-to-Delphi converter is as easy as 1-2-3. In fact, it is much easier than designing your GUI. Even if your programming experience is minimal, you will be able to use this tool right away.

Convert your Visual FoxPro forms into Delphi with a single click of a button.
Partially restricted
Source: None
Price: $79
Exe-Demo Included

Download: D3 D4 D5 D7  Gift for Torry. Thank You !Register NowHomepage

Trans-Form-Matic v.1.0.128SW 1893 k 27 Jan 2006
By Tamas Demjen. Trans-Form-Matic is a tool for Windows programmers that automatically converts DFM (Delphi form) files into Windows Forms code. The software's output is compatible with the code generated by Visual Studio's form designer. The GUI conversion can be performed in most programming languages supported by Visual Studio, including C#, RemObjects Chrome, Visual Basic .NET, Managed C++, and C++/CLI.

Here is how Trans-Form-Matic works. Each Delphi or C++Builder project contains one or more DFM files, which describe the application's GUI. All you have to do is point out the location of those DFM files, and Trans-Form-Matic will automatically do the rest of the job. After parsing your forms, it maps the VCL components and their properties to WinForms equivalents, generating .NET source code in the language of your choice. It also converts your bitmaps, saving them into .NET resource streams. The result is a set of source files that can be opened with Visual Studio .NET. You can compile the project right away, or make modifications to the design as you wish.

The files generated by the registered version of Trans-Form-Matic are completely free in every way. You can treat those files as if you were designing them manually. In other words, the code is 100% royalty free, and you can use it in prorietary, commercial applications, as well as open-source, public domain projects. However, the code generated by the Evaluation version of Trans-Form-Matic shall not be used for commercial applications, and shall only be used for evaluation purposes.
Partially restricted
Source: None
Price: $45

Download: CB1 CB3 CB4 CB5 CB6 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7  Register NowHomepage

TurnSharp v.2.1SW 298 k 04 Jul 2006
By Collabratus LLC. TurnSharp is an application conversion utility. TurnSharp converts Delphi applications to C#.

TurnSharp converts your entire project as follows:

  • User Interface: Converts numerous user interface controls such as grids, buttons, dropdowns, menus, panels, tabsheets, etc (view our list here)
  • Data Types: Converts the full range of data types. Click here to view our list of data types converted.
  • Events: Converts many UI events such as OnLoad, OnClick, OnMouseOver, etc)
  • Operators: Converts the full range of operators. Click here to view our list of operators converted.
  • Converts Delphi applications from Delphi versions 2 - 7
  • Converts standard Delphi database connections
  • Converts With statements, For loops, While Loops, Switch statements, etc
  • Converts file access, application spawning, the crystal reports viewer, etc
  • Creates .NET 2.0 based code (TurnSharp requires .NET 2.0 - download here unless you have or will install VS 2005)
  • Creates a Visual Studio 2005 project. Your newly converted project is ready for you to load and compile (download VS 2005 Express here)
  • Note: this utility was created in C# .NET 2.0 using VS 2005.
TurnSharp has successfully converted a large inventory management application consisting of UI, database connectivity, Crystal Reports, etc and converted 95% of the code. Conversion rates for business applications vary from 80% to 95%.
Partially restricted
Source: None
Price: $79
Download: D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7  Register NowHomepage

VBto Converter v.2.37SW 3158 k 16 Jun 2008
By StressSoft Company. Software for converting Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 projects (including source code) to MS Visual Studio VB.NET, C#, J#, VC.NET, VC++ (MFC), Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi. Visual Basic forms viewer (.frm, .frx files) and source code analyzer (.frm, .bas, .cls files).

VBto Converter creates or updates any project. For example, for MS VC++, all forms and source code of VB6 projects can be converted into MFC-based dialogs. Each such dialog will be provided with its .cpp and .h files.


  • MS VB 6.0 files: *.frm, *.frx, *.cls, *.bas, project.vbp.
  • MS VB .NET files: *.vb, *.resx, project.vbproj, AssemblyInfo.vb
  • MS C# .NET files: *.cs, *.resx, project.csproj, AssemblyInfo.cs
  • MS J# .NET files: *.jsl, *.resx, project.vjsproj, AssemblyInfo.jsl
  • MS VC .NET files: *.cpp, *.h, project.vcproj, project.rc, resource.h, AssemblyInfo.cpp
  • MS VC++(MFC) files: *.cpp, *.h, project.dsp, project.rc, resource.h
  • Borland C++ Builder files: *.cpp, *.h, *.dfm, project.bpr, project.cpp, project.res
  • Borland Delphi files: *.pas, *.dfm, project.dpr, project.cfg, project.res
Supported MS VB6 controls: Form, MDIForm, Menu, Toolbar, Frame, SSTab, Label, TextBox, UpDown, SpinButton, CommandButton, CheckBox, OptionButton, ComboBox, ListBox, ListView, TreeView, PictureBox, Image, ImageList, Slider, ProgressBar, HScrollBar, VScrollBar, Shape, Line, CommonDialog, Timer, DriveListBox, DirListBox, FileListBox, StatusBar and any registered ActiveX.
Partially restricted
Source: None
Price: $89
Download: CB6 D6  Register NowHomepage

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  Complete solution for using Bluetooth, IrDA, WiFi, WiiMote, Kinect and Serial Ports communication in applications
The Wireless Communication Library is the powerful SDK for software developers. The Library includes a complete components set for develop applications which should use Bluetooth, IrDA, WiFi or Serial Port communication. Also WCL provides easy way to connect to a Wii Remote controller. Since version 6.11 WCL supports Microsoft Kinect game controller. The Library can be used with Borland Delphi, Borland Developer Studio, Borland CBuilder, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic 6. The Wireless Communication Library is 100% compatable with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. more... more...

  Active Query Builder VCL Edition is a visual query designer and SQL parser component for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Delphi/C++Builder and Java
Active Query Builder VCL Edition is a visual query designer and SQL parser component for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Delphi/C++Builder and Java Active Query Builder allows users to build SQL queries via the intuitive drag'n'drop interface and to edit them via the powerful text editor with code completion and syntax highlighting, combining these techniques in any order. It lets parse, analyze and modify complex SQL queries programmatically. It supports tens of SQL language dialects: Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Active Query Builder provides highly productive environment to work with SQL queries for both the end-user and programmer! more... more...

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