New architecture allows to build complicated interactive reports

  • New objects Table, Map, Gauge
  • New export filters
  • Transports - now for clouds too
  • Improved Report Designer
  • Extended script debugger
  • And much more - join now!

Data Abstract v.

By RemObjects Software.

Commercial 30 May 2015


Data Abstract is the innovative and RAD multi-tier solution for .NET and Delphi. Building upon the RemObjects SDK, it allows you to create RemObjects services that access any database, providing a clear separation between data-access and business-logic.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: On purchase/registration
  • price: $999
  • Size: 41 298kB

Platforms: P2009, P2010, PXE, PXE2, PXE3, S2005, S2008, S2010, S2012, S2013, S2015

Netserver.Net middleware for .NET v.1.02

By Enserver.

Commercial 10 Sep 2013


Netserver.Net is a middleware for .NET. It is written with 100% managed code and work on .NET2 and CE.
  • Full support ADO.NET in application server level.
  • Client of Netserver.Net itself is a ADO.NET object. You can use any .NET components which requires or connects to ADO.NET
  • Improved session pooling
  • Powerful messaging. C<->S, C<->C messaging
  • Full compatibility with Netserver for Delphi.


  • Status: With Nag-Screen
  • Source: None
  • Exe demo: included
  • Size: 2 297kB

Platforms: C#, D2007, S2005, S2008, S2010

RemObjects SDK for .NET v.

By RemObjects Software.

Commercial 30 May 2015


RemObjects SDK is the essential remoting framework for .NET and Delphi. It allows you to remotely access objects residing on a server from clients inside the LAN or across the Internet. Use the RemObjects SDK to build client and server applications that easily communicate with each other over the network.

Available in editions for .NET and Delphi, the RemObjects SDK brings a RAD approach to building distributed applications, with the Service Builder for easy modeling of your server interface, Service Tester for performance and scalability tests on your deployed servers, and a wide range of communication options to choose from.

Smart Services allow you to use the SDK's high performance communication technologies while at the same time remaining open to Web Service standards such as SOAP or XML-RPC.


  • Status: Evaluation (time-limit)
  • Source: None
  • price: $399
  • Size: 25 364kB

Platforms: PXE, PXE2, PXE3, S2008, S2010, S2012, S2013, S2015

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