TCryptLib as DLL

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TCryptLib as DLL

Postby ftc » Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:20 pm

I am working on a port of an old Delphi/Pascal project that uses TCryptLib ( Ideally I would have liked to use a C# native component to replace it in the port, but I now I am looking at a Delphi/Pascal-developed DLL-based implementation of TCryptLib itself instead (so I can reference the DLL from my C# project).

I only need a subset of the full TCryptLib implementation - essentially just the "Decrypt String" function plus some initialization parameters. I can build a test harness for development and acceptance testing. Source code is not needed (just the functioning DLL); the reason I am pursuing the DLL route is that the source for TCryptLib no longer seems to be available and I do not want to write/maintain any Delphi/Pascal code myself. (The application I am building is 100% Microsoft C# + external references as per client specification.)

Please PM me if interested.

TCryptLib as DLL

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