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Torry's Discussion forum

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    Top 40 active topics

    Discussion forum started on October 1, 2004,     340 products activated,     1289 users registered

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    Topic titlePosted byAnswersLast answer
    DB Screenshot Featured on Softoxi
    (DB - ScreenShot)
    DelphiBasics007 Oct 2010 12:56
    Video and Audio sync problem with DSCapture
    kedar129 Jul 2010 12:18
    how to performs Canny algorithm for edge detection on a image ?
    iamwheat022 Jun 2010 11:46
    New versione 1.2.1
    (History Files)
    Andrea Russo025 May 2009 15:18
    How do I get the Video Component working with Code
    kerwinm2009016 Apr 2009 13:54
    Please help??? - Need help to create a player for .VOB files (Newbie)
    Intelliflop009 Apr 2009 13:25
    Listview Subitems problem??
    ironslave020 Mar 2009 10:58
    Filter Based Background Subtraction Method
    neoevoman027 Jan 2009 19:26
    Programatically recycle an application in "Application Pools"
    nz039926013 Jan 2009 17:23
    multiple y-axes?
    tinyjam71026 Dec 2008 05:07
    turn off auto scale?
    tinyjam71026 Dec 2008 05:02
    How to findobject
    Jamshid Dastur025 Dec 2008 13:45
    Can I use VLTrackTargets via VLDSCapture?
    Mylte125 Dec 2008 13:43
    Jamshid Dastur
    capture screen with video lab
    koolman018 Dec 2008 21:52
    Memory leaks
    WilV023 Nov 2008 22:39
    play mono wav file
    ericwu030 Oct 2008 11:03
    Frequency if incoming tone.
    Athe023 Oct 2008 22:19
    can the scope can display all graph during load the wav files??
    ericwu021 Oct 2008 05:11
    Date-Time in Axis
    DirectCPP009 Oct 2008 20:47
    Fast Fourier Transform
    iron011 Sep 2008 09:27
    Scope Y-Axis autoscaling issues
    Elez Shenhar008 Sep 2008 12:52
    DirectShow audio capture crash
    ericwu004 Sep 2008 12:58
    PlotLab 3.1 does not display data correctly
    angeloleena023 Aug 2008 02:30
    Extract scope data
    delphi4u017 Aug 2008 04:12
    detect beats per minute
    JBOpael009 Aug 2008 21:28
    Mic or LineIn selection.
    Cornelam201 Aug 2008 10:03
    Yuliang Hua
    How to get ALPPMMeter's value?
    Yuliang Hua001 Aug 2008 10:00
    Using TALWavePlayer for playing segments of audio files.
    jusalex127 Jul 2008 12:58
    Yuliang Hua
    why can't we use Activex in VC++ in C#
    Avinash Takale022 Jul 2008 19:30
    different y-axsis in signalscope
    S20000015 Jul 2008 12:35
    Video Source Already in Use?
    jmassey2117010 Jul 2008 02:15
    Do TVLCapture component has problem?
    odker203 Jul 2008 09:45
    Selecting Video Source
    mshe003 Jul 2008 01:19
    Enabled Pin? How do they work?
    mshe001 Jul 2008 04:12
    Hauppauge - PVR-350
    BradySmall020 Jun 2008 00:52
    Help Needed! How do I set the VideoLogger Compression Codec? (C++)
    scarbo019 Jun 2008 03:45
    Problem with ShowVideoDialog !!!
    xcrnix002 Jun 2008 16:10
    Bug list
    Hofi405 May 2008 22:18
    VLDSVideoLogger how to close video file?
    Robert421 Mar 2008 15:19
    Ask polar & 3d graph
    mohamamd mot011 Mar 2008 09:45
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